Our Customers Say it Best

Household Disinfecting Sprays

Use it everywhere!

“No residue, no smell, no toxins. I have already been through two bottles.”

--William, Online Customer


“I love this stuff. WAY easier to clean than using soap and water. Just spray, let sit for 60 seconds and wipe it off!”

--Beth, Amazon Shopper

Sanitize toys and kill mold

“This stuff is the best. Not only does it take care of the baby's toys after she's sick, but it even took care of the mold I was having trouble getting rid of in the shower.”

--Amazon Shopper

Safe to use around grand-daughter

“My Granddaughter has Cystic Fibrosis and is only 5 months old My daughter uses this because she knows it is safe (to use) around her.”

--S.B. --Amazon Shopper

No Irritating odors!

“I'm very sensitive about odors, especially cleaners, disinfectants, bleach, and chemical odors. I've used Cleansmart…and each time barely detected any odor at all…just smelled ‘fresh’ to me.”

--JB. Online Customer

Nursery & Baby Disinfecting Sprays

A MUST for the Toy Room

“. . . great for my baby's toys. I can keep them clean without having to take them apart and put them in the dishwasher every day.”

--Online Review

RSV Protection

“...the only spray I've found that kills RSV germs!”

--Bright F., Amazon Customer

Diaper Bag Essential

“This stuff is awesome! Wish I'd known about it the first time around. We carry it on our diaper bag to disinfect teethers and toys when my son drops them.”

--Online Review

Baby Fresh

“Cleans and makes the baby item fresh as can be.”

--Anna, Babies R Us Shopper

Mild and Non-irritating

“The product is so mild and does not really have a scent, so I feel comfortable using it in my house and around my children. Also cleaning with this product does not irritate my skin, I have very sensitive skin and typically get rashes when I clean with products that have strong chemicals in them. This product is mild and does not irritate my skin.”

--Babies R Us Customer

Healthy CPAP System

Excellent for CPAP

“Makes cleaning the machine and attachments so much easier and safer than using alcohol or soapy water.”

--Briggie, Online Customer

Well worth the money

“I purchased this for my husband who uses a CPAP machine, he was looking into purchasing a SoClean machine, this spray was a great option.”

--Online customer

Easy and Safe!

“Cleaning the CPAP has been such a pain and now with this spray it is so easy. Also, I had no idea the bacteria remaining after using just soap and water was making me sick.”

--Jon, FB review