Disinfectant spray for use throughout your home

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  • Simply spray and air dry.* No rinse required!
  • No harsh fumes or chemical residue left behind
  • Free of alcohol, ammonia, bleach, fragrances, dyes
  • Safe for food contact on counters and all appliances
  • Safe to spray and store around children

                          *See label directions for specific disinfection instructions. UPC 850471005055, SKU L2-5052-09

With a robust spray stream, the 23 oz size kills everyday germs on the countertop and inside the microwave.

Mixing bowls
Egg cartons
Grilling tongs
Sippy cups
Toothbrush holders
Vanity mirrors
Contact lens cases
Bathtub toys
Tile floors
Hockey helmets
Soccer balls
Water bottles
Laundry baskets
Gym mats

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Sold out
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Daily Surface Cleaner

Key Ingredients

Hypochlorous Acid


Other Ingredients

Ionized Water


Sodium Chloride (Salt)


Hypochlorite Ion


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